Total Style – Meta Business Directory review

A store in the sky! …

by arion Fanbridge, April 15th, 2012

A store in the sky! What a view! That was a real eye opener when entering this store was that the whole build was in the sky. Making it a fun challenge to find the store. It’s the perfect ambiance for those looking to shop with a little privacy. It really speaks about their logo with how different this store is. The styles here are unique with their own stylish flair. They have a large verity of clothing to choose from yet it is all neatly cataloged on a few boards.Feel free to sit in the chair and relax as you see all is store has to offer with just a few simple clicks on their boards. Mostly favoring women’s style this store has everything from old school dresses that area blast from the past. To up to date hip and where it’s at stockings and other fashion accessories. The store is nice and cozy yet the savings here are huge!

it is clear a lot of time add effort went into these designs with how fresh and trendy they are. These highly detailed high fashion and trendy outfits are sure to be flattering on just about any female form. They have lots to choose from, be it their sexy lingerie that comes in many choices from just a simple camisole.

To full bra and pantie set with camisoles and stockings. Another outfit to check out would be their “Retro minidress” that comes in “60’s pink dress” This mini dress has a lovely checkered design with a lovely pink and burgundy color. The Tye-dye background really makes the dress pop out on the display. They have other mini dresses as well for a cheap 30l!

 Resident’s screenshots:

via Total Style – Advertising Services – Meta Business Directory.

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