For those of you who haven’t discovered Bambi Schnell:

Bambi Schnell

How to look slimmer

After two pregnancies, my tummy has really exploded! Although my boys are in their teens now, my slim waistline has said “Goodbye” to me for good. The ultimate solution for me, is in hiding. I really am a fake lean person! Having been blessed with lean arms and legs , everyone believes that I have no worries about what to wear. You must be joking! My brioche-like cellulite are sitting THERE! (I still hesitate to cut off my own fat and use it for cooking instead of my regular cooking oil).

If you have complex figure like me, black or other dark color clothing is your ally. Above all, thinking of dressing in total color look for your figure will not look like it is cutting into halves. Remember! you are considered thicker and thinner only at a glance. Also avoid too flashy or large…

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