Anti-Age Theory!

enjoy this “happy” post from Design and Culture by ed!

Design & Culture by Ed

Slide1-kopia 4 Theyken’s Theory for SS14 is like a story without end… Layers were the key of the collection. Chunky sweaters on maxi dresses? Why not. Bustiers on shirts? Of course. And a t-shirt on a blouse? Definitely, if talking of the Theyken’s way, where the New York based designer did an amazing collection that can be worn not only by 20 year old teen-girls. The runway was full of easy, comfortable forms that can be styled by a cool 80 years old lady! In the Summer 2014 for Olivier Theykens, age issue is not a problem. Just like the most important question of the morning- what should I put on today? The answear- everything!THE_5527.450x675Slide2Slide3THE_5535.450x675Slide6Slide5THE_5549.450x675Slide4

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